Le Marche, a land of flavors and traditions. There are many typical dishes that you can taste in this region, here are some not to be missed.


The stockfish all’anconetana is one of the oldest recipes of the Marche culinary tradition. It is such an important dish for the people of Ancona that the Academy of Stockfish all’anconetana was also created to protect the tradition of this dish.


The mosciolo is the term that the inhabitants of Ancona use to identify the mussel that grows off the bay of Portonovo. The mosciolo di Portonovo is born and grows on the submerged rocks of the Conero coast and can be tasted in numerous variations. Among these it is worth mentioning:

  • the mussels au gratin
  • spaghetti with mussels
  • stuffed mussels


The lasagna from the Marche is a delicious variant of the typical dish of the Italian tradition. The vincisgrassi rag├╣ is prepared with different types of meat but what characterizes it is certainly the presence of offal.


Brodetto all’anconetana is a fish soup that contains all the flavors and smells of the Marche and Ancona culinary scene. The traditional recipe calls for this soup to be prepared with 13 different qualities of fish from the area. Excellent as a main course, definitely a dish to try during your visit.