Ancona, a new mobility for a green restart

Projects to be implemented by 2026 for a green turnaround

Projects for bike paths being reaized in Ancona, which will ensure more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility, will be completed by 2026.

The Conero Ciclovia, an approximately 7-kilometer-long route from Fosso Miano to the Portonovo exchange parking lot, will be completed by February 2023. This bike path will allow residents and tourists to reach Portonovo Bay starting from the center: a route immersed in nature and crossing an extraordinary and varied landscape among the most beautiful in the Marche region, suitable for both bicycles and pedestrians. The planned and budgeted expenditure for the work is 530,000 euros.

Ciclovia del Conero

A second project, on the other hand, concerns the city center of Ancona, with the construction of the bicycle path along Via Marconi and Via XXIX Settembre. The end of work in this case is set for March 2023 with a construction cost of about 1 million euros. The path will connect the Piano area to the Teatro delle Muse, passing along Via Marconi on the portico side until it enters Via XXIX Settembre.

Two other major projects are the bicycle and pedestrian paths being built between the train station and Torrette and from Passo Varano to Monte Dago. These projects will be implemented by 2026 at a budgeted cost of 1.5 million euros. The bicycle and pedestrian path between Ancona station and Torrette will also include the resurfacing of the old Borghetto path. This project will be crucial with a view to connecting the city’s main hubs, in this case the station with the Torrette university campus.

Ancona is preparing for a green turn, promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility: allowing both tourists and residents to reach the city’s nerve centers and the most beautiful tourist spots without the need to take a car or public transportation is an important milestone for the capital of the Marche region.

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